Submissions are now closed. Speakers will be announced in February.

Our focus is on the scientific basis of low-to-no-plant diets, especially as they may be used therapeutically. We are most interested in original work, including experimental and clinical research, as well as literature reviews synthesising existing work in new ways. Examples of topics we would like to see include:

  • Clinical experiences with carnivore diets, including cases illustrating side effects, troubleshooting strategies, and contraindications, as well as beneficial outcomes
  • Determining appropriate baseline measurements in the carnivore context
  • Mechanistic theories explaining results
  • Anthropological / archeological evidence
  • The effects of cooking, preserving, fermenting
  • Nutrient interactions, deficiencies, essentiality, and bioavailability
  • The role of the immune system
  • Microbiome considerations
  • Ethics and environmental issues

Please see this example proposal from a different conference to get an idea of what an accepted submission might look like.