Please join us for the first Carnivore Conference, held in beautiful downtown Boulder, Colorado, featuring a day of leading edge presentations on the science of plant-free diets.

We aim to satisfy the intellectual appetite with meaty topics ranging from human and plant evolutionary biology, to medicine, citizen science, and the ethical and ecological implications of subsistence on animal based foods.

Includes a carnivore lunch!

The Carnivore Conference has been planned to dovetail with Low Carb Denver, which starts the evening after our event. Group transportation options are in the works. Stay tuned!



Thursday, March 7
8:30 — 4:00


Rembrandt Yard
1301 Spruce St.
Boulder, CO 80302


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Call and mention the Carnivore Conference, group #34806.

Carnivore-Friendly Lunch:

Provided by Blackbelly,
a Boulder butcher and restaurant that specialises in seasonal, local Colorado-grown
ingredients, and pasture raised, sustainable animals.

rotisserie porchetta
organ & beef soup
scrambled eggs with butter, bacon & cheese
(No plant products anywhere!)