As one might expect in a college town, most restaurants are hipster-oriented, and so meals include decoration masquerading as food. However, carnivores are accustomed to this and can usually adjust. Some of the best bets in Boulder are shown below.


The Boulder Cork
Boulder ChopHouse & Tavern
Steakhouse No. 316

Sashimi & Seafood

Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar
Kasa Japanese Sushi and Bar
Sushi Zanmai


Foolish Craig’s Cafe (eggs, bacon, burgers)
Walnut Cafe (eggs, bacon, burgers from frozen)
Dot’s Diner (eggs, bacon)

BBQ & Pub Fare

Moe’s Original Bar B Que (has dry rub, but gluten & soy free)
The West End Tavern

Fast(er) Food

Illegal Pete’s Pearl St. Mall
(Pulled pork is purportedly free of other ingredients, chicken and steak are marinated and although gluten free, contain soy and other plant ingredients)